Shovelful of Earth Paves Way for Possible Nordiques Return

Shovelful of Earth Paves Way for Possible Nordiques Return

It’s done. The first shovelful of earth has been dug for the construction of the new arena in Quebec City. 

It was said that only the Mayor Labeaume would be entitled to his official shovelful, the (former) Liberal leader Prime Minister Jean Charest finally found himself alongside the dignitaries and took part in the big moment.

This was preceded by vibrant speeches, where there was much talk about the return of the Nordiques, causing thunderous applause from the crowd. 

With the start of construction of the new amphitheatre and a fan base with much energy and support, the perfect conditions are now in place in Quebec to hope for the return of the Nordiques, according to Quebecor CEO, Pierre Karl Peladeau. 

Mr. Peladeau sees the Quebecers’ enthusiasm throughout the whole city. The shovelling was a grand moment for Quebec and such a gathering will only take place again for the official opening of the amphitheatre.   

There is a strong fan base and a dynamic economy. The Quebecor media group has the money to go through with this project. All these put together form perfect conditions for the return of a professional hockey team to Quebec City.

Was anyone from the NHL management team watching? Let’s hope so.
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