Sick act of vandalism on large scale at Quebec cemetery

Sick act of vandalism on large scale at Quebec cemetery

Quebec City (Quebec) 5 June 2015 – During the night of the 3rd of June vandals entered the St. Charles graveyard on Wilfred Hamel boulevard and knocked over and broke 170 different tombstones, some as old as 150 years. Some of the head stones were completely broken.

Robert Julien, the cemetery’s ground keeper discovered the mess at 8 am when he started his usual daily rounds of the site.

The city police department is making a special inquiry into the matter but can’t quite grasp why someone would want to ruin the remains of graves and the historical significance they represent for the families and those who were involved with the deceased.

The police have evaluated the cost of the damage to about $100,000 and have reasoned that the havoc was caused by more than one individual.

Father Marc Pelchat says it is the worst damage done to a graveyard he has ever seen in Quebec City. He is terribly upset and wonders what’s next if breaking and ransacking headstones has become a passtime for some reckless individuals.

The spokesman for the cemetery, Robert Julien says the repairs will be long and tedious as each family has to be contacted before any adjustments can be made.

He reiterated that some of the families may not even have any living relatives.

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