Silent Protest in the Rain Against Excessive Police Force

Silent Protest in the Rain Against Excessive Police Force

Quebec City (Quebec) 12 March 2015 – A hundred people took part Friday afternoon in a silent protest in Qu/bec City to denounce police repression.

No major disruption of travel to the city center was been reported. The police surrounding the demonstration were still blocking traffic on several roads to ensure safety throughout the demonstration. All in all, the silent march was conducted peacefully.

Note that the march follows the recent events, including the case of Naomie Tremblay-Trudeau, a student who had a tear gas canister fired at her face, and recent outbursts at the University de Québec à Montreal (UQAM).

The rain deterred most protesters, as over 1100 people had confirmed their presence on the Facebook event page. The event ended around 7PM.

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