Silken Laumann Unsinkable

Silken Laumann Unsinkable

Review by Andrew Greenfield

Unsinkable_Silken_LaumannUnsinkable – My Untold Story
By Silken Laumann
Published by Harper Collins
ISBN 9781443419079

Silken Laumann – Canadian athlete of German heritage, international rower, Olympic medallist, troubled soul. Just some of the words that you could use to describe this remarkable woman once you’ve read her memoir Unsinkable – My Untold Story.

Silken Laumann lays it all bare as she talks of her preparation for Barcelona 92, covering in detail the horrific injury a few weeks prior to arguably the biggest moment of her life as she went for gold in the single sculls rowing event.

She competed anyway, despite a broken ankle and deep, to the bone, flesh wounds on her leg not fully healed. A bronze medal being the unbelievable result of her efforts.

A clear display of grit, determination, and a relentless will to succeed. Qualities that shine though again and again as the author takes us from the rowing arena through to a painful marital break-up, a battle with depression, an unhappy relationship with her often caustic mother, and strained relationships with other family members.

We learn of Silken getting her life back on track via the unconditional love of her children, building up a public speaking business, her life as an author, and then finding her soul mate.

As Laumann begins the next phase of her life with her new partner, she takes on his children, one with severe autism, and treats them as her own.

Valuable life lessons are learned along the way.

Unsinkable is an apt title for Silken Laumann’s book, but something along the lines of ‘Born Winner’ might have been more appropriate.

This woman and this book are inspirational.

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