Sillery Residents Protesting New Urbanism

Sillery Residents Protesting New Urbanism

There’s lot of new construction going on in the borough of Sillery these days and most of the citizens are not happy about the way it’s progressing. Christiane Trudel, who is President of the  Borough’s Citizens Board is not happy with what she calls  “reckless urbanism” and she has certain members of her group erecting signs on their properties to exemplify her concerns.

Among the most common complaints are the lack of respect for architectural traditions that the area is used to, the unrestricted heights of the new structures, and the taking over of lands which are already owned by other people in the community. Developers are apparently knocking on peoples doors offering to buy up their vacant lots in order to build new condominiums.

There is also concern that mature trees, which Sillery is blessed with, are being cut down to make room for the new housing developments. Mme Trudel wants the new construction to respect certain conditions but states that it appears to be running rampant and almost out of control.

City Hall, on the other hand, feels that any development is good for the area and the city, creating new neighbourhoods and introducing a new generation to a well established sector of the city. The city also states that new land in the metropolitan area is hard to come by and that buying up vacant lots and older houses is one way of rejuvenating a city and creating new tax revenue.

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