Sillery’s green-space battle continues

Sillery’s green-space battle continues

The Maguire Commercial Development Society (SDC) is not too happy with the latest decision concerning the “L’ilot St. Michael”.

The future of the green-space surrounding St. Michael’s church has been talked about going on ten years now and the latest news is that it’s a no-go for any kind of development.

The head of the SDC,  Mme Verrault, is discouraged by the latest petition drawn up by those wanting to protect the space in lieu of building a condominium of approximately 30 units. Mme Verrault wanted to develop the land to offer new dwellings for a younger generation looking to move into the Sillery area. Her complaint for the moment is valid in that the population, made up of more mature or elderly residents, will have to be replaced eventually and yet the city doesn’t seem to want to force the issue of taking over the land.

More than 761 signatures were collected by the Sillery Historical Society on a petition to keep the land as a park like area to attract tourists and local residents alike, and so far that document has taken the lead in the debate.

Mme Verrault considers the decision a backward step towards developing the downtown core of the borough, and is discouraged by the lack of progress for the condo development, adding that the intention was not to build a monstrous 10 story building but rather a smaller structure which would not, according to her, upset the landscape nor the environment a great deal. Her concern is for the future of the shops and restaurants on Maguire Street who see their clientele diminishing year after year. Having more people living in proximity would bring new vitality to the area and to the local businesses, implies the SDC.

For the moment everything is at a standstill but the battle will go on and Mme Verrault hopes the citizens of her town will see the light and realize that a small condo project would be a positive step to developing the borough.
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