Simple Plan and Desjardins Unite

Simple Plan and Desjardins Unite

Popular band Simple Plan have united with Desjardins Group to attract the attention of young people aged between 13 and 17-years old.

A Facebook page was created Monday, on which it announced a contest where the winner will be given a $10,000 prize.

The Facebook/Zone D page will grant teenagers from all over Quebec and Ontario a chance to upload online personal musical performances. The most popular video will be submitted to a jury made up of Desjardins members and members of Simple Plan.

In the coming months, the page will be enhanced not only by adding videos, but also financial information and quizzes.

According to Nancy Scott, head of the youth clientele at Desjardins, this will be a highly interactive project.

The site, already offers a wide range of advice for teenagers but this is the first initiative on social networks. Desjardins wants to relate to youth and begin their financial education. No doubt that teenagers are interested in finances since they regularly want to be informed about their savings for example. Desjardins simply wants to offer them advice and give them tools and tips.

The idea of creating such a page was born from the observation that a large proportion of adults aged 18 to 35 have no savings plans and know little in regards to personal finances. Desjardins wants to be proactive and wants to focus on behaviours and skills to develop.

Adored by teenagers, Simple Plan is a bait of choice. This Montreal group has sold millions of albums and has performed many concerts all around the world for the last 10 years.

In 2005, its members created the Simple Plan Foundation, which helps troubled youth.

They are a band that is very involved with teenagers.

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