Sinkholes in Courville affecting property values

Sinkholes in Courville affecting property values

Main pic: Sinkhole in a parking lot at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, GA, USA. Photo credit; Scott Ehardt.

Courville (Quebec) 21 May 2015 – A number of unexplainable sinkholes in a certain area of Courville, a suburb of Quebec City is causing concern for the residents, not only for their safety but also for their property values. In a town meeting this week about 300 citizens brought forward questions about what the city planned to do about the undesirable situation.

The City of Quebec will have spent $2.5 million by 2017 trying to determine the cause of the sudden appearance of 2 and 3 metre holes which are popping up on rue Brideau. Since the news is out, people who are trying to sell their houses in the region are worried that buyers will be discouraged from moving into the area because of the uncertainty of the terrain. They are worried that housing prices will have to be devalued, or if in fact they will ever be able to sell their properties at all.

The city has been studying the problem with the help of the INRS/NSRI (Institute National de Recherche Scientifique) since 2013 and thinks the problem is caused by a sort of back wash from the Montmorency River which flows nearby. The city is building a special dam at a cost of $800,000 to help control the flow of the river. Once completed, the city will conduct a follow-up until 2017.

As for the property values, a spokesman for the city told residents not to worry and that housing sales and prices have decreased everywhere in the city.

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