Six year old electrocuted at Quebec summer day camp

Six year old electrocuted at Quebec summer day camp

Quebec City (Quebec) 20 July 2015 – The mother of a six-year old is outraged at the direction of a day-camp centre in the borough of Charlesbourg after her son was electrocuted by an exposed outdoor plug that was neither secured nor closed. In fact, the plug had no cover, a broken box and was exposed within 30 feet of where the children were playing.

The accident came about after a few kids around six years old were playing a game of “I dare you” by putting a wire hanger into the slots of the exposed plug. One child had inserted the wire into one side of the plug with no consequences so little Jordan Claveau-Pelletier decided to fold the wire in two and reinsert it into both slots of the plug which, naturally sent a current of electricity through the wire seriously burning both of young Jordan’s hands.

The child was taken to hospital where he was treated by l’Enfant Jesus Hospital’s burn centre.

The mother, Mme Pelletier wants to know why an unexposed outlet was not detected by the camp’s monitors and why the children were not told to stay away from it when it was obvious they were playing in the area at the time. The camp suggests it was an accident but, Mme Pelletier says it was clearly negligence on the part of the day-care personnel and she is thinking of suing Patro Charlesbourg who runs the day camp.

Mme Pelletier has since pulled her son from the day camp. In the meantime, the director of the camp, Carole Pelletier (same family name) is investigating the incident and wants to get to the bottom of the story. She is treating the matter very seriously and understands the mother’s exasperation but, is preparing for any eventuality if the case goes to court.

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