Skating or Skiing on the Laval University Campus?

Skating or Skiing on the Laval University Campus?

That’s the question…

What would you have to say about cross country skiing or outdoor skating on the University Laval campus? The university wishes to refurbish the center of its campus to make it more dynamic by juggling different projects.

University Laval has decided to undertake a consultation with both its students and staff with a vision to refurbish the center of the campus. This area, which includes numerous teaching pavilions, is bounded by rue de la Terasse, l’avenue de la Médicine, and la rue de l’Université.

Robert Desmeules, president of CAMEO (Comité d’aménagement et de mise en oeuvre or Planning and Implementation Committee) of the Laval University campus, explains that they wish to improve the sector that is rarely used outside the classroom. He believes they can create a vibrant learning environment.

Numerous ideas are currently on the table, such as an outdoor skating rink and cross country skiing runs. According to Mr. Desmeules, they have the space and forested areas to do so. Night lighting and street sitting areas are also being re-thought, seeing that there are currently around 2,400 students who live on campus in residence.

A few years ago, students had also proposed to create a pedestrian walking street between the library, located at the Bonenfant pavilion, and the Casault pavilion. The envisioned student cafés, a bookstore, and more services opening up in the ground level of the buildings located on the street in order to create a livelier environment.

To follow an on-line survey taking place up until the 7th of December, this winter, CAMEO will organize consultation sessions where people can propose projects ideas that are more complete. A master plan could be ready by the summer so that construction can begin taking place in the fall of 2013. There will not be a fortune to spend on this project, according to Mr. Desmeules, because no funding has been assured as of this moment. Therefore, large project ideas are excluded from being considered.
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