Ski lift mishap ends in hospital visit

Ski lift mishap ends in hospital visit

Mont Ste. Anne (Quebec) 2 March 2015 – A malfunction of a chair-lift at one of Quebec City’s most popular ski hills forced two occupants to jump 10 feet to the ground after their chair hit another one.

It appears a loose pulley caused one of the chairs on the lift to remain stationary causing the chair behind it, where the two victims were seated, to smash into it causing the younger of the two skiers, François-Olivier, 6, to be thrown forward and end up hanging on for his dear life from the ski supports on the chair itself.

The ski instructor, Florence Roy 17, who was riding with the boy, managed to convince him to let go and let himself fall into the snow below.

The boy released his grip and landed safely. Florence then jumped herself to attend to the boy who was ten feet below.

Little François-Olivier was taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure where he was discharged quickly having no signs of any injuries.

For Florence, François-Olivier’s ski instructor, the whole event went off fairly smoothly and all in all she handled it very well.

Afterwards, she showed some concern as to why the lift operator didn’t shut down the lift sooner.

The incident happened just after the embarking area and should have been visible to the operator.

This week being the spring break, it will be the ski centre’s busiest time but, for a few days at least, the lift called L’express du Sud will be shut down until the problem is fixed, secured, and inspected.

This is the second lift interruption at Mont Ste. Anne in a little over a week.

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