Skiing, Winter Sun and The Plains of Abraham

Skiing, Winter Sun and The Plains of Abraham

Here is the first post from our latest blogger, Martin Lalancette

Saturday morning, when it’s -15 outside, the best place to be is on the Plains of Abraham. The beauty of the Saint-Lawrence River and the fantastic winter sun keeping you company. My activity of choice today is cross-country skiing.

The ski trails are groomed to perfection and you can choose to go play in the woods or stay on the big oval. I always choose to go in the woods; one of the trails has great points of view of the river along the way. So I stop and watch the ice and the big boats. “It’s a great day to be alive” I think as I’m going down a hill.

For me life is a sport. Yeah I know a little cliché. But after being an athlete and a now a weekend sportsman, sport is still the one thing that connects me the most with myself and others. You know what I mean. Doing something with your body, being in the moment, thinking about nothing else than “I’m going to fall if I get off the tracks”. No agenda, nothing else.

Forget the twenty books on meditating, being mindful or being in the now. Go for a walk and look around, wake your senses up and take a deep breath. Go alpine skiing and feel the snow and all the information that your skis are giving you coming down. Be part of the scenery. Magic.

All sports are invented. To have fun. Yes that’s the only reason. Basketball, football, running, cycling, swimming. Individual or with a team. Sports also connect people. On the ski trail I say hello to almost anybody, same thing on the bike path during the summer. People smile and say hello, we have something in common. We are no longer strangers.

So go out, take a walk. Connect with people. Call a friend and go snowshoeing. Have fun, because life is a sport.

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Martin_LalancetteMartin Lalancette

Career and Lifestyle consultant (Eureka career) you can find Martin on his bike in the summer, on skis in the winter and playing guitar, writing a movie (or playing in one) and appreciating good food with his friends the rest of the time. Peak performances in sports, arts and business are a passion that he loves to share with anybody that has five minutes to listen. Travelling around the world is also a hobby, to discover a new city or simply lounging on the beach for a week.

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