Slide the City Event Cancelled in Québec

Slide the City Event Cancelled in Québec

Quebec City (Quebec) 28 June 2015 – With ticket presales not as successful as expected, the Slide the City event, in which a giant water slide was to be installed for the first time in Quebec City on July 4 and 5, is cancelled.

The event, which was to allow young and old to enjoy this 305-metre long outdoor water slide, was to be held at Le Relais ski center by the end of next week.

Refusing to disclose the number of tickets that were sold in advance, organisers said it would have taken a few hundred additional inscriptions to ensure the holding of the event.

The event was to have a capacity of 4000 participants per day, but fewer than 2000 people showed interest before the first day. Holding the event would have cost organisers too much money, and so it was cancelled.

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