Snoop Dogg Lights Up the Plains of Abraham

Snoop Dogg Lights Up the Plains of Abraham


Perhaps the single best stamp of approval I can give Snoop Dogg‘s show on the Scène Bell last night is that it’s currently 2:30 the following afternoon and only now am I able to coherently put words together.  Dear hangover: I have no regrets.

Taking the stage after a stellar performance by up-and-coming hip-hop star A$ap Rocky, Snoop Dogg was met with a crowd primed for the hour-and-a-half long show that would follow.  The undisputed king of what could be called “stoner rap”, Snoop appeared in his usual laid-back, easy-going style.  Forgoing most of his characteristic bling and wearing what could have been a second-hand grandmother’s sweater and large sunglasses, the 42-year-old hip-hop icon genuinely seemed just out to have a no-fuss good time.

He didn’t hesitate to seamlessly weave his heavier old-school hip-hop with borrowings from House of Payne’s Jump Around the lighter sound of Katy Perry’s California Gurls (on which Snoop Dogg is featured), having the crowd sing the pop star’s part while he covered his own lyrics.  It might be hard to imagine tens of thousands of avid hip-hop fans happily belting out Katy Perry’s bubblegum-pop lyrics in the 420-infused air, but Snoop Dogg gets it done.  Of course, Snoop’s own hit pieces like Wiggle and Drop It Like It’s Hot had the whole natural amphitheatre pounding.

Snoop left without coming back for an encore, which may have disappointed those hoping for more, but I’d have a hard time imagining that fans didn’t get their fill.  On this second night of major shows on the Bell scene, the Festival d’Été has scored another double.

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