Southern beaches becoming more and more attractive

Southern beaches becoming more and more attractive

Quebec City. (Quebec) 13 January 2015 – Baby it’s cold outside, and it’s having an effect on the number of reservations being made for those one week, all expense paid trips to the Caribbean Islands. When the weather gets cold people tend to book flights south more often than usual and in the last couple weeks there has been an influx of those bookings.

According to Voyages Tourbec the last two weeks have seen an increase of 33% over the same period last year and most of those have been last minute deals to go south within the next four weeks. The most popular spots for the citizens of Quebec City are Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Mexico.

All these destinations have direct flights from the city which makes the trip a lot simpler, faster and cheaper, although it is not necessarily all that cheap.

For some reason Quebec City is a bit more expensive than most other cities in Eastern Canada. The average price for a half decent all expenses paid week in the sun from Quebec City is around $1,200 and there are a lot of travel companies to choose from.

The most popular destination for this city is Cuba, which is also usually the cheapest.

Mexico tends to be the more expensive choice but offers a higher quality of accommodation.

An interesting point is that most people in this area still reserve their trips through an agent by telephone or in person. For Voyages Tourbec, less than 10% of their clients use the internet to reserve a package. Another remarkable phenomenon is the fluctuation of prices as the demand increases. The colder it is, or the longer the winter persists, the more the prices tend to increase and vice versa.

The best method is to check the prices on a daily basis through the internet by using different travel agencies or airline companies.

Bon Voyage.


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