Spare Ribs at Fleur de Lys Parking Lot

Spare Ribs at Fleur de Lys Parking Lot

Spare-ribsA common activity for the 12 rotary clubs in Quebec.

Many spare ribs will be sold in the Fleur de Lys parking lot on June 14th to 16th. The 12 rotary clubs in the Quebec region unite to present Quebec’s first Spare Rib Rotary Festival (Festival Rotary de la Côte Levée).

This first family edition should welcome six cooks for this fantastic dish. The idea came up when a member of the Quebec-Charlesbourg rotary club, Paul Beaulieu, visited a similar event in Ontario. Due to the massive tasks to be accomplished to reproduce it here, the other rotary clubs joined in to help. More than 300 members from L’Ancienne-Lorette, Beauport, Levis, Quebec-Limoilou, Quebec, Quebec-Centre, Quebec-Est, Saint-Augustin/Cap-Rouge, Quebec Val-Belair, Sainte-Foy, Saint-Nicolas, and Quebec-Charlesbourg clubs will roll up their sleeves.

The profits earned during the Spare Rib Rotary Festival will be distributed to charity organizations in the Quebec region.

It will be a welcoming party where cooks will practice in front of a crowd. Each one has something different when it comes to cooking or making the sauce. It will be the occasion to taste all different secret spare rib recipes from Canadian cooks, also called ribbers. The presence of two participants is confirmed: Tom Diavolitsis (Boss Hog’s) and Jason Savage, the owner of Barbacoa.

The organization also holds a contest. Judges will hand out prizes for the best spare rib and the best sauce. The public will have to vote for their favorite. A musical program playing country music will also be presented in the next few months. The president of this event, Mr. Patrick Gagnon ensures that the group will be revealed shortly.

The site entrance will be free. The event will take place June 14 and 15 from 11h00 to 23h00 and June 16 from 11h00 to 18h00.

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