Special coin to be stamped in honour of the Voltigeurs

Special coin to be stamped in honour of the Voltigeurs

Quebec City (Quebec) 1 June 2015 – Since the home of the oldest francophone regiment in Canada, the old Ménage Militaire, (Military Armory) burnt down in 2008 there has been little talk of some kind of memorial or tribute to the building which was a landmark structure in Quebec City for residents and tourists alike.

Now under the imagination and initiative of Charles-Olivier Roy, a metal and precious metals artisan, together with the numismatist André Faivre, a commemorative coin is going to be produced using the metal (mostly copper) which was kept after the fire.

The coins, which will be stamped with the Voltigeurs coat of arms on one side and the two old towers of the building itself on the other, will be available this fall and should sell for around $25 to $35 dollars each.

Most of the money from the sale of the coins, which will most likely be highly sought after, will be turned back into a donation to the Voltigeurs themselves. The coins may contain some silver and gold besides copper, depending on what metal can be found from the remains.

The two instigators of the project will start by stamping 500 examples but would like to see the demand increase to 20,000 if possible. M. Faivre sees the coins as a great first production from a military regiment and hopes that coin collectors from around the world will try to grab up a piece of history.

The building itself is under reconstruction and will resemble the original structure as much as possible.

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