Special tips from professional skiers to help experts feel more safe on track avoiding injuries

Special tips from professional skiers to help experts feel more safe on track avoiding injuries

Details matter when it comes to skiing. There are five smart advices from experienced ski trainers, experts have to stick to. You have definitely made these awful mistakes at least once.

Pro skiing tips for experts

Season changes and we all stick to our favorite winter activities. People share different interests, adjusting their lives to their tastes. We all have various hobbies.

Some of us prefer mountain winter vacations with family or friends. They rent cute huts and settle there, enjoying warm evenings at fireplace.

The others stay at home, roll in plaid and stay there with a mug of cocoa and good books or TV shows. Some guys dive into virtual life surfing the net for some cool new MMORPG or having fun at one of the local platforms they find at casinosenligneca.com or any other guide.

However, there is one unique type of people that just cannot stay at home. They are waiting for the first snowflakes to start polishing their snowboards and skis. These extreme lovers would give anything for another day on track.

Sad, but they often lose heads over their mania, which leads to tragic consequences. There are five main things to check before skiing, that can save athletes from injuries and other accidents. Even experts forget about them.

Dress code

Stay warm no matter what. Skiing is one of the most dangerous kinds of sports. Anything can happen. Although if a skier is dressed right – it increases their chances on staying safe.

What you need is:

  • goggles or shades;
  • thermal layer next to skin;
  • one pair of socks;
  • waterproof outside layer, especially pants;


Can you control your speed? Gaining pace takes seconds. Sometimes we get too fast for negotiating the change in direction. Abrupt deceleration can cost us equipment or even a few cracked bones.

Do not even think of venturing out into the backcountry before you master this skill. The best way to slow down softly is short turns. It lets skiers total control on their moves. Practice them every time you get your skis on.

Powder skiing

We all remember our first powder skiing session. The risk is always big due to deep snow and we can never be sure of how deep it actually is. Pro skiers know all items from must-have powder skiing list:

  • skis, adjusted for thick snow rides;
  • communications tools;
  • avalanche transceiver;
  • shovel;
  • probe;

Such kit helps athletes survive in case of an accident. Although after checking your backpack for these items it is wise to practice. Thick snow differs much from regular skiing tracks.

Mogul skiing

Pro skiers love those bumpy heels and take risks of showing off their best skills there often. It is the best exercise to learn controlling the speed, make steeper slopes easier to tackle.

To make the ride easier – lean back to stack it. This is it. Follow this tip for improving your skills.

Get on the snow

No matter what you want to try – go for it. It is the best way to learn something new. Conquer tracks or try serpentines – you can do it if you really love skiing.

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