Speeding and DUI at 180km/hr

Speeding and DUI at 180km/hr

If midnight is known as the witching hour in certain parts of the world, for one driver in the Quebec City region on Friday night it was also the hour to instigate a car chase.

Around 12pm during the night from Friday to Saturday a man was seen driving erratically and at a very high speed down highway 40, which is the City’s main expressway artery running east, west across the length of the north section of town.

Police received a 911 call from a driver on the 40 who reported being passed by a vehicle which was going extremely fast and seemed to have problems staying in one lane. The police arrived quickly and started giving chase to the reported vehicle which accelerated even faster leading to a car chase lasting a good 6 minutes. When the driver finally pulled over after realizing that it was a lost cause to try and outrun the police it was discovered that he was highly inebriated and belligerent towards the officers.

He had been clocked at doing more than 180km/hr at the peak of his adventure. He will appear in court at a date undetermined to face charges of speeding, DUI, and failure to comply with police directives. The maximum speed allowed on that particular highway is 100km/hr. leaving us to assume that the accused will be facing some stiff fines since the fine for exceeding a speed limit of over more than 30km/hr is $15 (Administration) plus $5 for every 5km over the limit, making his total fine $800 for  the speeding ticket alone. Kind’a puts a damper on a one night joy ride, n’est çe pas.

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