Sports Complex and Two Ice Rinks for St-Romuald

Sports Complex and Two Ice Rinks for St-Romuald

Lévis retained the public-private partnership model for the construction of a sports complex with two ice rinks in St-Romuald estimated at $16 M and is expected to open for Fall 2014.

The experience of projects in the past that have been completed under this principal is learning to respect the costs and budget. More precisely, a protocol was signed between Lévis, the Collège de Lévis, Honco, and la Caisse Desjardins de Lévis to create an organization which will act as the owner of the complex.

Caisse Desjardins will finance the project which will be reimbursed on a 25 year period. It will be repaid with the revenue obtained from the ice rentals while the partnership will allow the city to rent the ice for a minimum of 3700 hours. The Collège de Lévis needs to rent at least 800 hours per year for the Sport-Études hockey program.

The complex will answer the urgent needs for an ice rink. The new equipment should add 2,000 hours to the actual services offered. The project plans the installation of two new ice rinks with standard dimensions which will be operating 12 months per year with stadiums of more than 914 places.

A community centre that can host 300 people will also be built as well as three offices with twelve player rooms. The beginning of the construction of the complex should start in July.
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