SPVQ Motorcycles – Too High Priced?

SPVQ Motorcycles – Too High Priced?

Quebec City (Quebec) November 2, 2014 – In the midst of government austerity measures affecting municipal workers’ unions, Le Soleil this morning reported that Québec City’s police force are riding motorcycles that seem extravagantly expensive and purchased under doubtful conditions.

Two motorcycles purchased by the Service de Police de la Ville de Québec (SPVQ), used by individual police officers six months out of the year, came to a whopping 38 800$… each.  The motorcycles Harley Davidson Road King models and are given custom paint and decals.  The motorcycles were purchased from Prémont Harley-Davidson, which lists the standard model of the same motorcycle at 22 600$.  Harley-Davidson’s own website also lists these motorcycles at 22 600$.  One wonders just how extensive these custom items must be to make the final product cost 16 200$ more.

If you’re thinking the difference is due to specialised police equipment necessary to give out tickets, you’d unfortunately be wrong, and likely just as shocked.  The motorcycles were outfitted with additional equipment for this task as part of a separate contract, awarded to Inter-Cel Radio Mobile for the healthy sum of 35 400$ – again, per motorbike.  This brings the total cost of a single motorcycle – used only half of the year, mind you – to 74 200$… and the SPVQ bought two.

Both these contracts are well over the price allowed for ad-hoc contracts to be awarded without a call for bids.  However, again according to Le Soleil, both contracts were only open to bids on invitation… and only one company was invited for each bid, essentially turning them into no-bid contracts guaranteeing that the company invited would get the contract, regardless of cost.

It goes without saying that police equipment must be top quality and is rarely usable “off-the-rack”, requiring modifications to bring the equipment up to code. The process by which this purchasing was done, however, leads to many questions of their own.

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