Spring is coming and so are the insects

Spring is coming and so are the insects

Quebec City (Quebec) 3 March 2015 – If you like “bugs” then there is an exhibition coming to the Quebec City Aquarium that may be of interest.

Pierre-Olivier Ouellet who is a biologist, has finally arranged to have an exhibit of his collection of insects displayed as a Festival des Insectes.

M. Ouellet has been visiting schools around the area since 2012 with what he calls his Insecte Mobile, and has been trying to set up some kind of temporary (or permanent) exhibit somewhere in the City. The mobile exhibit has visited over 200 schools throughout the province since 2014.

The show which runs from April 17th to the 19th will be based on presentations which Pierre-Olivier has seen around the world in places such as Paris, Tokyo, Milan and Los Angeles.

He hopes the promotion will popularize the study of insects and help everyone, young and old, to better understand the world of, what a lot of us call “pests”.

He would like to have a permanent exhibit set up like at the Biodome in Montreal, but for now will count on the Festivals des Insects, to promote his passion.

Pierre-Olivier has teamed up with a couple of other insect enthusiasts, and has been working on the project since 2007.

The financing is finally in place and the Quebec parks and recreation Association (SEPAQ) are on board, so all that’s needed now is a good turnout on April 17th to get the bugs out, and hopefully get the public to come out and see them.

Any questions about bugs will be answered.

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