Spring of pan-bashing discontent on the way

Spring of pan-bashing discontent on the way

Main pic: Manifestation dans le cadre de la grève étudiante de 2005, au Québec. Photo credit: Colocho.

Quebec City (Quebec) 22 January 2015 – It appears as if all the unions in Quebec are preparing to disrupt by means of demonstrations and work stoppages or even strikes, anything the provincial Government plans to do concerning the austerity and budget cuts planned for the next sitting of parliament.

The state employees and all those associated with them, including the student unions have a plan in place to try and convince the Government to rethink their downsizing and general restructuration of the provinces finances.

Involved in the contestations are the commonly known unions such as the FTQ, the CSN, CSD, the SPPQ, and of course the Fédération étudiant universitaire et collégiale du Québec, among others.

They have all regrouped themselves under the banner of Réfusons l’austérité.

The government however prefers to use the words regroup (rigueur) and renew (redressement) when referring to their rebuilding of the provinces budgets.

The protestors plan on being present whenever the premier has special meetings or even the return to work in February. They also want to be there when the new budget is announced to heckle the finance minister Carlos Leitāo.

Two of their big demonstration days will be April 2nd and May 1st.

April 2nd will have the students from universities and colleges out with their pots and pans to grumble once more about something and will probably affect the opening of those institutions on that day.

May 1st, known around the world as the International Workers Day, will be another huge demonstration day for Réfusons, which may even cause a one day strike in the public sector.

So get ready folks for , what has become almost common in Québec, a printemps érable.

Will it all be worth it? We’ll probably know by July, and hopefully no one will get hurt or radicalized in the meantime.

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