Springtime Skiing in Quebec

Springtime Skiing in Quebec

Strap Your Planks on and get Out There

by Martin Lalancette

The sun is going down slowly over a local ski resort. The mix of snow and light make you wonder how this beautiful scene can exist here on earth. I have been skiing in white powder since four o’clock and maybe it’s the fatigue talking but life is simply wonderful. Skiers are stopping on the way down to look at the landscape.

AA008240I’m fortunate to be a skier, I still thank in my head every time Bob my ski coach gave me that precious lesson that has allowed me to enjoy this fantastic sport for the last fifteen years. The snow that we had the last few days is good news for me because the spring skiing conditions are fantastic. Even better the spring promos are out and it’s a blast. And when the snow will be gone, my bike will be my new toy to go play outside.

Simply put I’m a happy guy. I’m pleased when I’m out, in the middle of the action looking at the scenery loving every moment of it. No seasonal disorder like they talk so much about in the media no big secret that you have to buy for $29.95. Just happy, in the moment savouring each second.

Walking along the St-Lawrence river this morning I was thinking how having projects that you love is important to a quality life. Too many people are judging on the sidelines instead of getting in on the action. Our mainstream media is an expert at this, judging what is instead of encouraging projects and positive possibilities (of course they want you glued to your TV thinking it’s scary outside). As individuals, we have to focus on building positive actions and staying in the game, the fun is never on the sidelines.

So go out, have fun and most of all have positive plans that will make you smile.


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Martin_LalancetteMartin Lalancette – Career and Lifestyle consultant (Eureka career) you can find Martin on his bike in the summer, on skis in the winter and playing guitar, writing a movie (or playing in one) and appreciating good food with his friends the rest of the time. Peak performances in sports, arts and business are a passion that he loves to share with anybody that has five minutes to listen. Travelling around the world is also a hobby, to discover a new city or simply lounging on the beach for a week.

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