SQ Training Exercise at National Assembly

SQ Training Exercise at National Assembly

Quebec City (Quebec) February 1, 2015 – Passers-by may have noticed two Sûreté du Québec (SQ) agents in front of the National Assembly building yesterday, but would likely not have noticed the fully commotion happening inside.  As part of regular training exercises, over 100 SQ agents were buzzing about the interior of the building running simulations of responses to shooters and other threats within the halls of the National Assembly.

This type of exercise became necessary after the deaths of Georges Boyer, Camille Lepage, and Roger François.  The three civil servants were killed at the hands of a deranged Canadian Forces corporal who entered the building armed with two submachineguns and a pistol in 1984, intent on killing members of René Lévesque’s PQ government.  At the time, there were no security checkpoints before entry to the National Assembly.  The deranged shooter was ultimately talked into peacefully surrendering by René Jalbert, the National Assembly’s Sergeant-at-Arms.

The training exercise also obviously comes on the tails of the more recent attack on Parliament in Ottawa, in which a religious fanatic shot and killed Corporal Nathan Frank Cirillo in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier before entering into the Parliament building and injuring three other people.  The fanatic was shot and killed by Kevin Vickers, Parliament’s Sergeant-at-Arms, just a few feet away from a room full of MPs and staff.

The SQ made use of the National Assembly building – which is normally closed on weekends – to simulate many different possible scenarios and practice updated response plans before the return of the National Assembly next week.  The SQ works in co-operation with the city’s municipal police and the National Assembly’s own security officials.

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