Sshh… It’s a Victoria’s Secret

Sshh… It’s a Victoria’s Secret

Main pic: The Victoria’s Secret Las Vegas store in Paradise, Nevada in 2006. Photo credit: Samantha Marx.

Is Victoria’s Secret is keeping secret?

Target, Mexx, Jacob, Holt Renfrew, Ailes de la Mode, and many others either leaving the region or going bust.

But here’s some potential good news from the retail sector.

Quebec City (Quebec) 16 January 2015 – While certain retailers are finding it difficult to maintain enough business to keep functioning, others are thinking of opening new stores and expanding.

According to Le Soleil newspaper in Quebec City, the famous Victoria’s Secret chain of stores that specialise in women’s undergarments may be thinking of opening a store in Place Ste. Foy.

The newspaper contacted several people involved in the chain but, nobody is really saying too much. Even after contacting the shopping centre owner’s Ivanhoe-Cambridge, no confirmation of the move to Quebec City could be pronounced upon, although the company did say that some big changes are coming.

There will apparently be an announcement made concerning some expansion at Place Ste Foy to be made next week.

The mall has lost Jacob, and Holt Renfrew in the last year but, hints at some new banners coming to town to replace those who are leaving.

The newspaper also asked about the Canadian company Lululemon who recently opened six stores in Montreal and who only has a small outlet on rue Cartier in Quebec City.

There is also a new section of Les Galeries de la Capitale which is being made over to accommodate some new high end merchants where some of these specialty shops could install their stores in Quebec City.

Whether or not Victoria’s Secret or Lululemon will be setting up shop in Place Ste. Foy or Les Galeries is still a secret and no one is letting the cat out of the bag so far.

We’ll find out soon enough.

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