St. Jean Baptist church looking for bailout

St. Jean Baptist church looking for bailout

Main pic: Clocher de l’Église St-Jean-Baptiste de Québec prise de l’intersection de la rue de la Claire-Fontaine et du boulevard René-Lévesque Est. Photo credit: Malimage

Quebec City (Quebec) 3 February 2015 – Even though the provincial government is looking to cut costs and budgets anywhere they can, the St. Jean Baptist church on rue St. Jean in Quebec City is asking for help from the government to aid in restoring or at least repairing the old building, since it can no longer rely on its parishioners to furnish enough money for the bare necessities.

The present priest, Pierre Gingras, is afraid that the building may be lost if it can’t find $10 million to execute the repairs required to keep the building safe and usable.

The most urgent repairs are the windows that need to be revamped and repaired because of the old granite which is crumbling.
According to Abbot Gingras, he feels the Quebec government should supply 80% of the money needed under their cultural affairs ministry (Affaires Culturelles du Quebec). The church still gives masses to about 250 people every Sunday but, that is a small number to support a church when considering the size of the building itself and the number of repairs needed. He understands that he cannot expect such a small congregation to be able to supply the money needed.

The priest is appalled at how the government has money to build arenas but, cannot find money to support its cultural heritage and beliefs while all this talk of secularism is going on, reiterating at how modern Quebec society has turned its back on anything religious.

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