St. Lawrence Campus unions want more autonomy

St. Lawrence Campus unions want more autonomy

Quebec City (Quebec) 6 October 2015 – The three unions involved in the running of the only English-language CEGEP in Quebec City would prefer to be independent from the Champlain Regional College conglomerate which now controls three different CEGEPS in three different areas of the province.

CRC oversees St. Lawrence Campus in Quebec City, St. Lambert Campus south of Montreal as well as the Champlain College in Lennoxville, a suburb of Sherbrooke.

The three colleges all work under the same central administration based in Lennoxville but have their own pedagogical and academic programs suited to their specific regions.

The unions say they do not have enough autonomy when it comes to negotiating contracts since they only have 3 members on the 20 member board of directors of CRC.

Together with the St. Lambert campus, the unions have demanded an accounting firm to delve into the difference it would cost to run three separate CEGEPS instead of dividing the operational costs between three institutions.

The General Manager of the CRC, Kenneth Robertson disagrees with the idea and defends the present system as being beneficial for the teachers and the students.

For the Quebec Ministry of Education, their spokesperson on the matter Julie White, says the matter is before the ministry but, implies that the important factor is the wellbeing of the students and that the union demands will be studied in depth before any decision is made.

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