St. Lawrence Fireworks Attract Huge Crowd

St. Lawrence Fireworks Attract Huge Crowd

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The Grands Feux Loto-Québec changed location this year, opting to launch thousands of fireworks from the St-Lawrence River instead of the Chutes Montmorency, where it has been based for the past 14 years. A change that brought thousands of people out in Old Quebec.

Long hours wasted in a line-up to enter and leave the Montmorency site are finally over.

The Loto-Quebec fireworks brought together thousands of people along the St-Lawrence River in Old Quebec.

The event has without a doubt gained some new spectators as citizens of Levis could also observe the show.

To make sure that the crowd that had gathered to see the Moulin à Images, a short distance away, could also get to see this one, fire signals were launched into the sky every five minutes starting at 10h15 p.m. Before the big blast-off at 10h30 p.m.

The show lasted 20 minutes and the deck in Old Quebec drained rapidly.

A shower of green confetti led the spectacle and was followed by gold firecrackers that looked like a glass of champagne or a swarm of fireflies.

The display intensified and the firework display grew impressively bigger throughout the course of the 20-minute show.

The show was not set to live music this year, but attendees were encouraged to bring their radios and tune in to 102.9FM to listen to accompanying music.

The new Loto-Quebec organization, Les Créations Pyro, are estimating around 75,000 people per show.

If they do draw regular crowds of that size, then the Quebec City administration may need to get involved again.

The Labeaume administration this year refused to support Les Grands Feux Loto-Québec with their $1.3M dollar budget.

Les Créations Pyro have to foot the bill for the security services for the shows.

Lévis have also comtributed by offering some security services.

Les Grands Feux Loto-Québec must now rely on the next five shows to regain the support of Quebec City Mayor, Régis Labeaume’s team.

The next show will be on Wednesday and it is free.
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