St. Pat’s Jazz Band Plays the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

St. Pat’s Jazz Band Plays the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Submitted by Dave Parker

The St. Pat’s Senior Jazz Band recently returned from a cultural voyage to Cleveland and Toronto.  In what has become an annual tradition, the music trip seeks out destinations that combine the joy of traveling with musical enlightenment.   Past trips have included visits to the musical meccas of New Orleans and Havana, Cuba.  Interaction with music students and the discovery of musicians from other areas of the world are the priorities on these trips. 

The trip began with a performance at the Jazzfest des Jeunes du Québec in St. Hubert.  The festival has also become a tradition for the jazz band.  This year saw them move up a category and they received a bronze plaque. The highlight of the performance for me was Chris Blier-Wong’s rendition of Stormy Monday.  They then boarded the bus for six hours of road time (very important experience for aspiring musicians). 

Sunday evening was spent in Cleveland at the Beachland Ballroom listening to “Drum Play” a fantastic musical discovery to say the least.  On Monday, the trip was highlighted by an afternoon performance at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and a tour of the Cleveland Browns football stadium.  Playing at the “Rock Hall” will be something that the students will always remember.  As for myself, I made sure that I got in a couple of notes, allowing me to cross that one off my bucket list! 

Tuesday was a day of sightseeing in Niagra Falls followed by a performance at Laura Secord School in St. Catherines and some live jazz at the Rex Jazz Club in downtown Toronto.  A couple of brave students even got up enough courage to sit in with the host band (Terra Hazelton).  

On Wednesday, we toured the CN Tower and tried counting the number of cranes that dotted the Toronto downtown.  While walking up towards Kensington Market, we stopped at the corner of Bathurst & Queen for an impromptu rendition of Spadina Bus!*  As luck would have it, Rich Underhill, (Shuffle Demon fame), was passing by on his bike and joined the performance. (Impromptu might be stretching it a little!)  The students were shown the art of playing the streets by two veterans of the craft! 

Another jam session at a local high school and then a long bus ride home finished off the St. Pat’s Jazz Band’s annual tour.  As for next year, looks like we’re heading back to New Orleans! 

David Parker
Music Teacher at St. Pat’s High School
Professional musician  

The tour was captured on video by Anne-Marie Ongaro.  If you would like to see more, the video is at:  

*For more info on “Spadina Bus” please visit  

Photo credits: Anne-Marie Ongaro

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