Stabbing in Ste Foy rooming house

Stabbing in Ste Foy rooming house

Quebec City (Quebec) 24 October 2014 – A brutal stabbing took place at around 1:45 am early Thursday morning in an apartment building situated on Rte de l’Eglise in Ste Foy. The victim, so far unidentified, was stabbed several times with one of the wounds perforating one of his lungs.

A roommate heard screaming and yelling and came to help the wounded individual while waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

The particular rooming house is known to police as a drug trafficking establishment where they are quite often called upon to intervene for violence and verbal disputes.

According to Thomas Valentine, who assisted the victim, the stabbing was committed by a small group of individuals who fled the scene before police arrived.

Ironically enough the police had been called earlier to the same area to investigate a car accident where the two individuals in the vehicle ran to the same apartment building on Rte de l’Eglise to hide.

Whether or not the two cases are connected is part of the stabbing investigation that has been instigated by the Quebec City police department.

The victim of the stabbing is recovering from his wounds and it is not known if his aggressors were strangers or if they were friends or associates.

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