Stained Glass Window to Brighten our Nights

Stained Glass Window to Brighten our Nights

Quebec City (Quebec) 12 January 2015 – A new evening and night-time attraction is about to show up on rue St. Jean this spring and summer in the form of a backlit stained glass window. The window in question is that of the old St. Matthew Church on rue St. Jean which was converted about ten years ago into a local branch of the Quebec City Library network.

When the church was bought by the city and made into a library. The altar and stained glass window above it were maintained in their original condition and add a special ambiance to the inside of the library. Because the window is such a massive and refined piece of art, the city has decided to install some lights inside the library to backlight the window so that the colours and artwork will shine in the dark from outside the building, casting a beautiful “mural” of light for all who walk along the street.

The idea is to embellish the historical and cultural strong points of the city.

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