Star of Military Valour awarded to Valcartier soldier

Star of Military Valour awarded to Valcartier soldier

Main pic: Star of Military Valour (Canada). Photo credit: Hellopple.

Ottawa (Ontario) 27 May 2015 – A soldier from Valcartier, Taumy St. Hilaire was awarded the Star of Military Valour (SMV) on the weekend for a heroic act he implemented during the Afghanistan war.

Cpl. St. Hilaire saved a father and his son who were trapped and threatened by enemy fire while on duty in Afghanistan. For his act of bravery he received the Afghanistan war’s highest honour. In addition to receiving the medal, his name together with 19 other soldiers, will be engraved on a plaque commemorating the different acts of bravery instigated by Canadian military personnel during the 12 years of conflict, in front of the Building of the Brave on Sparks street in Ottawa.

According to Cpl. St. Hilaire, what he did was only natural and he reiterated during the ceremony that anyone else would have done the same thing. Staying humble, he wanted to share the occasion with all his military team who supported each other during their tour of duty.

The 20 soldiers received their medals from the Minister of Defence, Jason Kenney. Corporal St. Hilaire, 26 attended the ceremony with his wife, Jody and their two young children aged 3 and 2.

Canada’s role in Afghanistan lasted 12 years and involved 40,000 military personnel, with 158 of them losing their lives for the cause.

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