Steel Screens to Protect Quebec Bridge

Steel Screens to Protect Quebec Bridge

Quebec City (Quebec) December 7, 2014 – Admiring the view of the river while crossing the Quebec Bridge will soon be a thing of the past. Due to corrosion, the Ministry of Transport completed the installation of shields that protect the railway and the metal structure of de-icing salts. But the result is far from unanimous.

“The intention is good, except that the method is a little radical,” said the specialist in Quebec Bridge, Michel L’Hebrews.

The historian and author of The Quebec Bridge understands the importance of anti-corrosion measures deriving from the last agreement on maintenance of the bridge signed between the Ministry of Transport of Quebec and Canadian National (CN). However, he questioned the need to install these opaque screens that will remain throughout the year.

The panels with a height of 1.80 meters completely obstruct the view of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians in a few months. “It will look like a corridor,” laments Michel L’Hebrews.

The historian recalls the “particular” architecture of the longest cantilever bridge in the world. “It takes away a lot of its character,” he adds.

The spokesman of the Ministry of Transport said that the choice of a discrete material. such as acrylic, would have been more expensive with too long of a delivery time.

The installation of steel screens, which began last spring, will be completed on the side of the track by December 31. Other screens will also be erected on the east side by 2016.

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