Steve Raichlen Cooks Up a Barbecue Storm at 2015 ImagiNation Writers’ Festival

Steve Raichlen Cooks Up a Barbecue Storm at 2015 ImagiNation Writers’ Festival

Summer starts now! No it really does, it’s time to fire up the barbecues and forget about the snow.

That’s what you’d be thinking if you’d been at the Steve Raichlen Planet Barbecue talk at the Morrin Centre that is.

The evening started off well with beer tasting (organic products from a great brewery in Vankleek Hill, Ontario) and a plate of barbecued food from a local supplier here in the Quebec region.

Just what was needed before settling down to listen to Steve Raichlen, award-winning author, journalist, cooking teacher, and TV host.

BBQ_booksHe’s penned 29 books (to date) with perhaps his most recognisable being the Barbecue Bible Cookbook series (over 5 million in print).

Raichlen was at the Morrin Centre in Quebec City to talk all things barbeque.

Although from the States, he has a degree in French literature, is bilingual, and has hosted French-language TV shows.

He said he felt a little weird speaking English in Quebec City, but thought he’d manage ok.

Raichlen, who has lectured on the history and culture of barbecue at the Smithsonian Institution, the Library of Congress, and Harvard University believes it’s his mission to get people to grill food and not burn it.

According to Raichlen, barbecues were invented by accident around 1.8 million years BC.
Over the years as we evolved so did our eating habits together with out culinary creativity.

So what does Steve eat when he travels the world on his barbecue quests?

Raichlen says he tries to eat whatever he can’t get at home, so something typical to the country/region he’s in.

As for being in Quebec, he goes for a spruce steak – that’s basically a steak, barbecued to your liking of course, and finished off by laying some spruce leaves on the grill and placing the steak on top.
All the spruce flavour works it’s way into the meat and gives it a unique taste.

Sounds yum.

Let’s go and barbeque. Summer is now officially here. It’s true, master of the grill Steve Raichlen said so!


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