Stiffer fines for Quebec motorists using phones while driving

Stiffer fines for Quebec motorists using phones while driving

Stiffer fines for texting while driving.

Quebec City (Quebec) 10 April 2015 – Since 2008 the number of infractions concerning texting while driving has done nothing but increase, so the government has decided to follow suit, and increase the fines for the practice which appears to be growing instead of decreasing.

Last year alone the province handed out 66,660 tickets to people who were caught using their cellphones for texting, calling or even holding their phone while driving a vehicle. In a blitz operation in March this years Quebec police gave out 3,000 contraventions in less than a week throughout the province.

Starting on April 23, a person caught with a mobile phone in his/her hand for whatever purpose, while driving, will automatically lose 4 demerit points instead of the present three and could face a fine of $80 to $100. For the young driver who has a temporary permit, on top of the demerit points, his or her licence will be immediately revoked for three months for the same infraction.

All governments at all levels know that the habit of using any kind of device while in control of a vehicle is extremely dangerous causing an increase of four times the norm to having an accident. It has been proven that anyone reading a text, or writing one, takes 4 to 6 seconds to respond in an emergency which is usually too long to react accordingly.

In the next few months the police will be extremely vigilant regarding the use of cellphones by drivers, so beware, they just might be watching you.

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