Still no swimming allowed in St Lawrence River

Still no swimming allowed in St Lawrence River

Quebec City (Quebec) 17 September 2015 – Back in 2011 it was announced that by 2015 people would be allowed to swim in the water’s of the mighty St. Lawrence River in and around the beach at Baie de Beauport. Now we are in 2015 and those ‘no Swimming allowed’ signs are still there and apparently will be for at least the next few years.

The idea that swimming in Baie de Beauport would be possible came from different sources due to the fact that the city had started controlling and diverting certain sewage that was being dumped into the St. Charles and St. Lawrence Rivers. It was the assumption that if the water became cleaner then the users of the beach could go swimming.

The spokesperson for the city on the matter, Wendy Whittom, said last week that there was really never any valid program set up to allow swimming in the river. Most of the rumours were coming from pro-swimming groups who could see the light at the end of the tunnel but, their hopes were exactly that ‘rumours’.

The city, together with the port authorities, say the pollution on the shore is too variable to control and depends a lot on weather conditions & snow and rain overflows. These change constantly.

The area will remain off-limits to swimming as long as there is any kind of health hazard according to the city and the public health department.

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