Still Too Many Drownings in Québec

Still Too Many Drownings in Québec

Quebec City (Quebec) August 12, 2014 – In the last three days 5 people have drowned in the province, which police say is directly related to the warmer temperatures which we have been experiencing lately. Two three-year-old children died from drowning this week as well as a 29 year old man who was trying to recuperate a boat that had left its moorings. One of the children drowned in a river and the other in a backyard swimming pool. Police say that when a child drowns it is almost always from a lack of surveillance on the part of parents or relatives and it is a sad situation when such accidents occur. In the case of the 29 year old gentleman the incident happened in a remote lake 179km from public rescue services.

Statistics are kept each year of deaths by drowning and so far this year there have been 31 cases reported as compared to 41 at the same time last year. The total for 2013 was 51for the whole year.

Strangely enough 60% of deaths by drowning this year have been in rivers, which is way above the normal of 40%. Normal stats show that 40% are in rivers, 30 % in lakes, 10% in residential swimming pools and 10% in the ocean.

La Sûreté du Québec is constantly reminding people of the dangers that occur around water during the summer but, unfortunately these accidents keep happening.

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