Stoneham residents get hailed on by rocks after dynamiting error

Stoneham residents get hailed on by rocks after dynamiting error

Stoneham (Quebec) 8 July 2015 – Last Friday morning several residents of Stoneham living in the area of Tewskbury were “attacked” by flying rocks which broke windows, damaged cars and roofs, and created mini craters in their front yards. One resident even had a good sized piece of boulder end up in his swimming pool. Fortunately nobody was injured, but the collateral damage was quite extensive.

It all came about from a blast of dynamite which went wrong on a construction site about 50 metres away from the houses involved. One resident has become very nervous and gets the jitters every time he hears the warning whistle that a new blast is going to take place.

The mayor of Tewksbury/Stoneham, Robert Miller visited the construction site to inquire as to what could have gone wrong. He was told by Allen Entrepreneur General and D1C, (Dynamitage 1st Class), who are in charge of the construction site, that all procedures were followed which include covers for the area being blasted, seismic readers on the site and specific warnings for the employees.

The spokesman for Allen Entrepreneur thinks that some rocks from just outside the blast zone were split and thrown into the air. On Monday, yesterday, the damage to resident’s property had been examined and it appears the Allen Entrepreneur insurance company will pay all the damages incurred.

In the meantime all dynamiting has been halted until a re-evaluation of the blasting procedures can be rectified by government officials.

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