Stop the music or else!

Stop the music or else!

Most people seem to be enjoying the music at the 2014 Festival d Été de Québec, that is taking place in Quebec City these days but, there is one resident that has had enough of the loud music which penetrates his house every evening, and he’s made it clear just how upset he is by making death threats through the 911 service.

Oddly enough the man lives in Lévis along the shore opposite the Plains of Abraham where the shows take place. AaarghThe music (AKA noise) according to M. Gagnon 54, is carried across the river and bombards his and his neighbours houses making it difficult to watch TV or even sleep.

Last Sunday night M. Gagnon called 911 and apparently threatened to get his gun and go kill somebody if the music didn’t stop. The threat was taken seriously by the police and they arrived at his house within minutes at 2am to take him down to the local station.

He appeared in court Monday morning having to explain that perhaps he got carried away and that he was not a murderer, in fact after searching his home police did not find any firearms at all.

The loud music from the festival has always been a concern for the residents who live close to the area where the shows take place, and a lot of the neighbourhoods affected are some of the city’s most expensive real estate sectors. This has always made the issue a hot topic.

M. Gagnon’s case is special because it comes from across the river and the music was still playing at 1am on Monday morning, making his complaint perhaps logical if it hadn’t included the death threats.

The man will appear in court again Tuesday morning to plead his case and hopefully the matter will be put to rest.

Apparently the show by Journey on the Plains of Abraham was just too darn loud!
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