Story Updates on Recent News

Story Updates on Recent News

Thumb_StCharlesPollution of the Rivière St. Charles :The city has just announced that swimming in the St. Charles River will not be possible before at least another twenty years. Not only is the pollution level too high for humans to swim in it but, the cost of cleaning it up anytime soon is not included in any municipal budgets for the forseeable future.

A tunnel between Quebec City and Lévis : A known tunnel engineer, Jack Brockway, president of Herrenknecht USA, visited Quebec City recently to discuss the possibilty of building the tunnel and according to him the construction project itself is not the problem. The major set back for the project to go anywhere in Mr. Brockway’s words is simply the cost factor and the consequent financing which he calculates would be in the neighbourhood of $3 billion. He suggests a (PPP) public-private plan to finance the project.

RADAR-Photo Cameras : Whether or not we like those RADAR-photos along our highways, the Quebec Government has just sent out tenders to install 37 new units throughout the province. The efficiency of the cameras has been proven very successful making the installations not only practical but also profitable.

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