Strange arrest brings lawsuit against Quebec police

Strange arrest brings lawsuit against Quebec police

Quebec City (Quebec) 2 April 2015 – A lawsuit has been presented to the City of Quebec and two of its police officers following a brutal arrest of an individual back in April of 2012.

During the night of April 4, 2012 M. Stéphane Descary was putting out his garbage at his residence in downtown Quebec City when two officers, who were on his street, suddenly asked him to identify himself. Not responding and returning to his house, the two police officers followed M. Descary into his house and handcuffed him while he was looking for his identification papers. The three individuals fell onto the floor where M. Descary hit his head requiring him to be transported to hospital where he ended up spending the night. The infraction handed to M. Descary was for placing his garbage on the street instead of leaving it on the sidewalk.

M. Descary is suing the city and the two police officers involved in his arrest, for brutality causing bodily harm, and improper arrest procedures because of the insignificance of the crime for which he was apprehended.

The two police officers involved in the arrest appeared before the police department’s disciplinary panel and were suspended for one day without pay and blamed. The panel claims the officers were at fault and had no reason to arrest M. Descary under the brutal fashion that the apprehension was carried out. It was the first time that these officers, who have six years experience on the force, appeared before a disciplinary committee.

While we’re on this story, the city has just announced today, April 2, that anyone not adhering to the laws concerning garbage collection and the placement of their bins or garbage bags in front of their residence could be subject to a fine of $150 to $1,000 depending on the gravity of the situation, as decided by the city.

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