Strange case of sexual abuse

Strange case of sexual abuse

Quebec City (Quebec) 17 October 2014 – The Quebec City courthouse saw a bizarre case this week of a mother who encouraged her 14 year old daughter to serve as a sex symbol and enticer for her boyfriend who apparently didn’t have enough sex drive to perform as well as he should, or could.
No names have been released in order to protect the privacy of the daughter, who is now 18.

The daughter was used to excite the boyfriend by undressing and even performing mild fellatio and or caressing his body in order to prepare him to have sex with his girlfriend. We could say she was used as a substitute for an erectile dysfunction drug.

The mother gave her daughter drugs in order to make the experience easier for her and to be more acceptable to the cause. The mother herself was a drug user and didn’t seem to be bothered if she offered the same drugs to her daughter. The mother seemed to have nymphomania tendencies and both the boyfriend and she were deep into pornography and escorts.

The mother, 41 has been charged with sexual abuse, enticement, and corruption of a child and will have to serve four years in jail for her crimes.

The boyfriend 43 will be sentenced later in January of next year.

The mother and boyfriend no longer live together after having been a couple for only two and a half years.

The daughter, today 18, suffers from drug use, insomnia, nightmares and had to stop her studies for a year and a half because of the unpleasant memories she still copes with.

She is even afraid to visit her older sister because of the possibility she might meet up with her mother.

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