Strange hit and run case before the courts

Strange hit and run case before the courts

Quebec City (Quebec) 21 January 2015 – A young lady by the name of Valérie Tremblay is in court this week because of an accident she had with a pedestrian on the night of May 6th 2011.

At around 2:40 am on the 7th of May Mme Tremblay was driving home from a bar just up the street when she hit something that seriously damaged her windshield on the driver’s side of her vehicle.

The plaintive says she thought she had hit a dog or a garbage can so continued on her way ending up at her apartment not far away.

In fact she had hit a human being who ended up dying from his head injuries. The victim Sébastien Dubé, 37 was laying face down on the road when a taxi driver noticed him and with the help of his passenger called 9-1-1. M. Dubé was taken to hospital, the same hospital where Mme Tremblay works as a nurse’s aide, where he later died from his wounds.

Ms Tremblay went to police three days after the accident to explain what she thought had happened and has repeated ever since the incident that she had no idea she had actually hit a person.

Since it was three days later no breathalyser test could be conducted but there is suspicion that the accused may have been inebriated at the time. It was also raining heavily which was another excuse for Mme Tremblay to explain why she didn’t stop and inspect the area to see what she had hit.

The lawyers for the prosecution claim that Mme Tremblay knew exactly what she hit but was in complete denial and pretended it never happened claiming that her excuses are almost ridiculous considering the circumstances.

Her defence takes their client’s words for the truth. She is facing charges of, hit and run causing death.

No DUI charges can be applied to the case since she presented herself only three days after the accident.

The judge, Chantale Pelletier will bring down a verdict on April 24.

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