Strange series of artwork theft in Quebec

Strange series of artwork theft in Quebec

Main pic: Bill Murray arriving for the press conference of THE MONUMENTS MEN at the Berlinale 2014. Photo credit: Stemoc.

Quebec City (Quebec) 27 March 2015 – A series of thefts of different artwork has surfaced in the region in the past week causing concern for the artists involved. The paintings, which have been on display and offered for sale in three different bars and restaurants around Quebec City have been stolen from the Ninkasi du Faubourg, the micro-brewer La Souche and from Pub Nelligan’s.

One of the artists, Jessica Tenreiro Gagné, originally from Quebec City and now living in Montreal, had her first local showing in the Ninkasi and has had two of her most recent works stolen in the past week. She is obviously very upset and doesn’t understand why someone would want to steal an independent artist’s work.

The two paintings were of Jean Leloup, a Quebec personality and Bill Murray, and were both original paintings that took at least 20 hours of the artist’s time to produce. Ms. Gagné has retrieved all the rest of the 13 works she had on display fearing she may lose more to the thieves, whoever they may be.

Another theft occurred in the same week at La Souche, where a work by the artist Gad Doucet was stolen. The third incident occurred at Pub Nelligan’s where the particular artwork was owned by the bar itself but was created by another local artist.

It will be difficult for police to trace the author of the thefts as it would require major surveillance in each and every bar in the city. The only helpful clues could be from a video surveillance camera, which most bars do not have installed in their premises.

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