Street piano craze hits Quebec City

Street piano craze hits Quebec City

It all started in Birmingham, England when someone suggested putting some old pianos in public parks and outside on the sidewalks, where anybody who had a bit of talent, could run off a tune or two to show their musical prowess to the whole world. It has become since then, a fad which has hit just about every city in Europe and North America and now it’s come to our fair town.

PianoQuebec’s first piano is up and running in front of “L’Eglise St. Roch, in the downtown area just off St. Joseph street. The area itself is a public gathering spot where people come to relax, partake in some conversation, and or generally hang out with friends. And now they will be able to listen to or even produce their own music, at the same time entertaining the crowds, with their renditions of their favorite songs or even classics depending on their specific tastes.

There is no bench with the piano so no one can get too comfortable and end up playing too long, and that’s the way the organizers want it so that more people can use the instrument for shorter periods of time.
A second piano will soon be installed in the old Limoilou area in front of 721, 3ieme Ave, which is another gathering place for friends and neighbours to gravitate to and should bring some interesting results from undiscovered artists from the immediate “quartier”.

The organizers are quite sure the pianos will be treated with respect but, there will be some indiscrete surveillance throughout the day and the instruments will be covered up at night and during inclement weather conditions. If you have ever taken piano lessons and want to sharpen up your repertoire now’s your chance, and you might even attract that audience you’ve always dreamed of playing in front of.
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