Stricter surveillance for Quebec used car dealers

Stricter surveillance for Quebec used car dealers

Quebec City (Quebec) April 3, 2015 – There’s going to be some changes coming to the way used cars are sold and who sells them, starting in October of this month. Up until now it has been the SAAQ (Société de l’Assurance d’Automobile du Quebec) who has been controlling or issuing licences to individuals who want to sell used or new cars.

It has been the Consumers Protection Agency (OPC) however who has been receiving the complaints from buyers who were swindled, lied to or had warranty problems with vehicles they had purchased. The OPC received no less than 3,300 complaints from buyers last year alone.

Starting in October of this year it will be the Office de la Protection du Consommateur who will be issuing and controlling the operations of all used car dealers in the province. It will be better for consumers as well as car dealers in the long run. The new laws are stricter, and should refrain certain uncertified retailers from selling vehicles which may or may not be in as good a shape as advertised.

According to the director of the Used Car Dealers Association of Quebec, (AMVOQ) Steeve Di Marchi, it was much easier to become a used car dealer in Quebec than in the rest of Canada. Almost anyone could get a licence to sell cars as long as he had enough money to start his or her own business.

There is also the practice of some retailers buying cars that would normally have been considered scrapped by insurance companies, rebuilding them and reselling them without revealing the history of those vehicles.

The new laws should put a stop to those cases and create dealers who are more structured and legal. The new laws however do not in any way affect the marketing and or selling styles of any merchants.

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