Studio Saint-Ex: A Review

Studio Saint-Ex: A Review

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Review by Faye Ginies

Studio Saint-Ex
By Ania Szado
ISBN: 9780670066957
Price: $30.00
Published by Penguin Group

Prize-winning Canadian author Ania Szado, gives us this captivating novel.

A seductive story of a love triangle involving a budding fashion designer, a famous writer, and his passionate wife.  Set during World War II, the story focuses on the developing fashion industry in New York City while the fashion houses in France were closed. Szado’s descriptions of the elegant styles created by talented designer, Mignonne, are beautiful and sensual, especially when contrasted against the drab, utilitarian garments women wore at that time.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, author of Le Petit Prince, plays the part of the love interest between his hot-blooded, Latin wife and the cool, young, Canadian designer.  The idea of using real people and creating fictitious characters to breathe life into this time period is fantastic.  This beautiful book will keep the reader interested in finding out how the relationships evolve as well as what beautiful clothing Mignonne will create next.

Studio Saint-Ex illustrates the necessity of change and transformation in a time of conflict, the importance of resilience in overcoming obstacles,  creating strategic alliances for success, and the result of choosing sides in business, friendship, love, and war.  In the end, as it always does, it comes down to being true to yourself and following your heart no matter where it happens to lead you.

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