Study in Singapore – Guide for International Students

Study in Singapore – Guide for International Students

Studying abroad is something that more and more people are opting for these days, and it is easy to see why:

studying abroad offers wonderful opportunities to expand their horizons, experience new cultures, learn new languages, and learn something about yourself along the way.

While there are plenty of universities and higher educational opportunities around the world, Singapore is currently one of the more popular destinations, in part due to its position as a merging of several cultures in one.

Singapore is very different to the Western world, so while studying there can be a huge and highly anticipated part of people’s lives, it can also be a huge culture shock. Read on for some tips on how and why studying in Singapore is such a good opportunity, and what people should bear in mind when taking advantage of it.

Why Should People Study in Singapore?


Students are known for going away on holiday, or going backpacking, or studying overseas precisely because it is when they are in education that they have the most freedom to do so. While they may not have much money (which is why backpacking is so popular), they do not have the same responsibilities or needs as they would in the future.

That being said, one major reason to study in Singapore is that there are many scholarships available for people who want to do so. These scholarships can range from full rides to simply covering tuition, but they are fantastic opportunities for anybody who wants the opportunities which come with going to a different country. The opportunity to study in a new environment is always a good thing, but learning new languages is something which will come in handy throughout people’s lives, particularly if they are going into a career which handles languages, or where people work closely with companies from other countries and so forth. Scholarships make a great opportunity even better, so if a student manages to qualify for one, they should definitely make use of it.

Fantastic Education

To put it quite simply, the education system in Singapore is second to none – it is very highly acclaimed in the international view, and if you study there, you will gain the benefits of that system. The government has a very high standard for the education which takes place there, and it shows in the quality of their graduates and their educational programmes

Employers Love it

The state of education in Singapore is recognised internationally – if you turn up to an interview with some time spent in an educational institution in Singapore, this will stand as a point in your favour.

Additionally, remember that studying in Singapore conveys other benefits. When employers interview people, they aren’t simply looking for people with the best qualifications possible. They are looking for people who have the ability and life experience to handle the jobs that will be put in front of them. Studying abroad is a point in the interviewee’s favour, as it shows that they are resourceful and can handle new situations. Showing that you can learn a new language is also useful, as it shows potential employers that you have the ability to learn things outside of your chosen degree path.

Singapore is Safe for Students

While moving away from home, and to a different country can be a difficult and frightening transition for anyone, Singapore makes up for that by being one of the safest places on earth for students to live and study. The city itself is known for being a safe place for students in general, and the safety of the city means that people can deal with the inevitable problems which come with moving to a new place relatively unhindered.

Studying Abroad is Good for Educational in General

Essay Zoo generally recommends that people try and study abroad if they can. Not all study programmes are for the full educational path – most are a year long at most, and some are only a number of months. Studying abroad for even the shortest of times can help people to broaden their horizons and learn more about themselves and others, which will in turn give them more inspiration for their writing when they return to their normal educational institution. Studying abroad gives people more to discuss in their writing, and more to help them explain their ideas and thoughts. Singapore will give people the opportunity to discuss how they see themselves and their ideas fitting into the wider world.

Singapore is…


Proudly made up of a melting pot of cultures and peoples, Singapore loves the fact that it is made up of people who are not homogeneous, and who have all come to experience the uniqueness that is the Singapore. There are many different opportunities for people in Singapore, both professional and academically, so some students might end up staying there once their education is finished.


Possibly as a result of its inherent multi-culturalism, Singapore is known throughout the world for its attention to and love of innovation. The brightest people work there to produce new and interesting technology and other works to benefit people around the world. This attitude is reflected in the educational system, which encourages innovation in its students as a means of learning.


We have all experienced the joys of being lost in an unfamiliar at some point or another; the feelings associated with this can be multiplied tenfold at least when that unfamiliar place is the place people are currently calling home, whether for work or educational purposes. Singapore prides itself on being organised and well thought out, with the streets and transport systems all being designed to make sense to those who are using them to get from one point to another.

Anybody who goes to Singapore to study can rest easy in the knowledge that, while they may still get lost and confused when they are first getting used to travelling around, the organisational principles will mean that it will eventually make sense.

In Conclusion

Studying abroad has always been an option for certain educational paths, particularly ones for languages; now more students are looking at options for studying abroad than ever before, no matter what they are studying. Studying abroad in Singapore has lots of benefits, more than can be contained within one article, but hopefully reading this will give people an idea of what that study could help them accomplish. There is more to an education than simply getting your nose down and learning only what is in front of you, which is something that study abroad can help with.

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