SAQ and Revenu Québec feasibility study

SAQ and Revenu Québec feasibility study

Quebec City (Quebec) 2 September 2015 – The government of Quebec has set up a commission to evaluate the management practices of the province’s liquor store (SAQ) operations and the feasibility of certain departments of Revenu Quebec.

The commission, headed-up by the ex Liberal minister Lucienne Robillard, has ventured into dangerous territory by suggesting that perhaps the government should allow private enterprise to sell and open some stores to sell alcohol.

Right now the only place to buy alcoholic beverages (besides beer and wine) is through the government controlled SAQ outlets which according to the present president of the Treasury Board, Martin Coiteux has the most costly management system in the country. The private stores would effectively reduce the revenue from the SAQ which would most likely be compensated by an increase in taxes on alcohol.

A second recommendation to save the government money and probably even more critical than the first, would be to have the commercial corporate division of Revenu Quebec be transferred to Revenue Canada. This is going to be a hard sell, as Revenue Quebec and its powers are held very dear to many in the province. Making any changes to its administration, especially allowing the federal government to be involved is not going to go over well. The government, on the other hand, says it would save about $400 million a year.

The Government in power is divided on the matter and it is going to take some extreme marketing to get these two recommendations passed through the National Assembly.

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